• Airport Sweeper TSA version

    The TSA cleaner are adapted to work on landing strips, fittings and airport squares. They are able to aspire solid waste or anything else and, finally, are provided MCTC certification for use on the road.

  • Airport Sweeper Military Version

    Come and discover the new sweeper Series TSA in military version!!

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  • We Make Machines for the Ecology

    In Autobren you can find the best refuse collection vehicles, for roads cleaning, for airport runway cleaning and for urban waste collection.

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Road sweepers

Special vehicles excellent for roads cleaning,
car parks and large public and industrial areas, until airports areas.

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Special vehicles excellent
for urban waste collection with rear loading and eventual lifting devices.

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Veicoli satellite

Autobren’s latest innovation
in the world of ecology, with the possibility to install lifting device.

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