HP Series

Like their HR series cousins, HP compactors are the perfect vehicles to meet customer needs. In fact, they are highly customisable and can be modified to meet ad hoc solutions. The equipment can be installed in all models and guarantees the quality of the major manufacturers. In particular, the HP model stands out for its high container capacity – up to 48 cubic metre.

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Rear side openable

Touch screen control panel

Side contro panel


Total weight on the ground 32 to 41 tons
Approximate pitch 4.800+1395 to 5.100+1395 mm
Loading body capacity 30 to 32 m3
Hopper capacity 2.7 m3
Average compaction ratio 7:1
Approximate body height 2.410 mm
Approximate body width 2.450 mm
Body bottom material Hardox 450
Hopper bottom material Hardox 500
Hopper bottom thickness 10 mm

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