PVR Series

Small and compact, this vehicle is designed to operate on narrow roads and bridges, where it is not possible to exceed 2 metres or 3 metres in width. The PVR series is available in two versions: vehicles with reduced width and vehicles with reduced width and height.

Despite their small size, the PVR compactors maintain the same Autobren vehicle quality, from the materials of the main components to the gasket profiles. The PVR is installed on chassis making ascents and descents easy for the operator who has to perform ground operations.

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Light Led

Bin lifting device

Discharge control panel

Hooks of tailgate


Total weight on the ground 10 to 14 tons
Approximate pitch 3.105 to 3.690 mm
Loading body capacity 8 to 12 m3
Hopper capacity 2 m3
Average compaction ratio 6:1
Approximate body height 1.600 mm
Approximate body width 2.200 mm
Body bottom material Hardox 450
Hopper bottom material Hardox 500
Hopper bottom thickness 6 mm

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